Marine Life Movement Activity

by wherelearnu

Follow the Ocean Animal

Use the world of awesome ocean animals as inspiration for movement games and co-play activities.

What You’ll Need:

This co-play activity is most fun when there are several children.

How to Play:

In this game inspired by Follow the Leader, kids take turns being the leader and pretending to be a different ocean animal. We love this activity for a group of wiggly kids.

  1. Start with an adult being the leader first. You can say, “Let’s play Follow the Leader! I’ll pretend to be an ocean animal, and you can copy me. Let’s line up!”

  2. Help the children line up behind you.

  3. Say, “Ready? I’m a shark!” while you place one hand on your head, imitating a shark’s dorsal fin. Move about the play area letting children follow you.

  4. Once kids all imitate your shark movements, you can say, “Wow! You made magnificent sharks. Can someone else be the leader?”

  5. Let the children take turns being the leader of the group and imitating different ocean animals.

  6. If a child cannot think of an ocean animal, offer the following options: octopus, whale, fish, or sea turtle. Children can freely invent how they show animal movements.

Skills: Kids will practice prioritizing information, making meaningful connections, gross motor, and taking guidance.

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