Butterfly Freeze Game

by wherelearnu

Use the world of sports as inspiration for movement games and co-play activities.

Set Up Time: Under 5 min. Activity Time: 10-15 min Mess Level: None

What You’ll Need to Play:

  • Cup or container
  • Pieces of paper and something to write with

How to Play:

  1. Write a movement on a few pieces of paper. They can be silly or serious, fast or slow.
  2. Say, “In my cup, I have pieces of paper and each one tells us a different way to move. Pick one from the cup and we’ll move that way. Everyone will get a turn to pick a movement!”
  3. Hand the cup to a child. Let them draw a slip of paper. Read the movement to the class and lead them in that activity.
  4. Repeat until every child has had a turn. It is okay if the same movement is drawn more than once.

Way to pick a movement everyone!

Skills: gross motor, balance, coordination, following instruction, spatial awareness, body awareness

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