Top 10 Fall Activities for Kindergarteners

by wherelearnu

Autumn is in full swing, so we compiled a list of the best activities to do with your child! Our list includes activities that promote fine motor skills, gross motor skills, organization, creativity, and imagination! Which activity is your favorite?

1. Pumpkin Apple Stamps 
Credit: Frugal Mom Eh


“These Pumpkin Apple Stamps are a fun way to celebrate the coming autumn season!  This is a kids craft that will keep children busy creating works of art!”

2. Leaf Foxes
Credit: Glued to my Crafts Blog


This is the perfect craft to engage creativity and imagination!

3. Leaf Painting
Credit: Minne Momma

“This simple painting activity is a lot of fun, between the leaf collecting, deciding where to place the leaves, and watching the colors mix on the paper to resemble the leaves we see changing outside, we enjoyed this craft from start to finish!”

4. Kid-Friendly Lanterns
Credit: Parenting from the Heart


“One of my first go-to’s is making these Fall Lanterns. Honestly, they’re SO easy to make and turn out beautifully. Not only that, my young kids can make these with next-to-no help. Plus, painting is great for their fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination.”

5. Scarecrow Cookies
Credit: Skip to my Lou


These scarecrow cookies are perfect to add to the lunchbox or to make for the whole classroom!

6. Pumpkin Tic-tac-toe
Credit: Toddler Approved


“Not only does this game allow kids to work on turn taking skills, but they also have to try and predict and problem solve while they play too!”

7. No Carve Emoji Pumpkins
Credit: Cutefetti

“My front porch is already starting to look like a full blown Halloween party and I’m loving it. I just love the way these No Carve Emoji Pumpkins came out and the best part is that they are super easy to come together.”

8. Pumpkin Toss Game
Credit: Better Homes and Gardens


This game helps children work on hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills!

9. Leaf Hunt Activity
Credit: This Little Home of Mine


“I love finding simple seasonal activities that are easy to throw in with our family’s typical routine. This Leaf Hunt was a winner – and absolutely perfect for this time of year!”

10. Apple Themed Fine Motor Activity
Credit: A Resourceful Mama


“This apple themed fine motor apple activity that I set up for her that also works on colors and early math skills. What I loved about this project is how easy it was to change it and make it work for our kindergartner or an older preschooler.”


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