Create Your Own Color Hunt!

by wherelearnu

Print out this sheet to help!

What You Need:

  • Optional: this printable
  • Crayons: blue, yellow, orange, green, purple
  • You can also choose different color crayons to match the objects in your home.
  • Five objects that match each color in/around the home

Pro-tip for Fine Motor Skills:

For this age, choose broad, easy-grip crayons or dot markers. You can extend the play by using a sponge and finger paint to color your square, and then let it dry before going on your hunt!

Remember, it’s ok to color outside of the lines!

How to Play:

  1. Print out this page, or draw a square box in the center of a piece of paper. Use one color to color in the square.
  2. Give your child the paper and ask them to find five things around the house that are the same color.
  3. For little ones who aren’t counting yet,  you can place each item in a bucket or box and have them look for the buckets to find the toys inside.
  4. Have your child find objects that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple for a rainbow hunt!

Skills Spotlight

Sorting, colors, counting, fine motor skills


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