Un-BEE-Lievable Bug Facts

by wherelearnu

Explore these facts with your child with bug-focused Stories in the HOMER Learn & Grow App. For kids that are curious about specific types of bugs, head to the library to learn even more!

  • Did you know that ladybugs can be red OR blue?
  • Did you know that ladybugs have sticky legs so they can climb upside down?
  • Did you know that an ant can use its antenna to talk to other ants?
  • Did you know that bees get their food from flowers and that this food is called nectar?
  • Did you know that a bee’s buzzing comes from its wings flapping very quickly?
  • Did you know that butterflies eat food with their feet?

    Head to the HOMER Lean & Grow App for more bug facts, adventures, and stories!


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