Build Preschool Reading Skills with Tongue Twisters

by wherelearnu

Did you Know? Tongue twisters build reading and language skills.

Who doesn’t love a good tongue twister? Sally Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore. Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers? (Your family can check out this tongue twister set to music on the Homer app!)

But did you know that when your kids are having fun with tongue twisters, they’re actually building foundational reading skills? Think of tongue twisters as a literacy workout. Because tongue twisters challenge our capacity to enunciate the individual sounds in each word so we don’t trip up, they force us to pay careful attention to the precise sounds in each word.  Mastering the individual sounds in words is a critical skill for reading success. The fun of tongue twisters is that we often find that the sounds of words get the better of us! And that too helps build reading skills. So make your child giggle and love learning with some fun tongue twisters like this one. Here are 4 different timely tongue twisters to try with your child while embracing the season.

Did you know? Tongue twisters are fun and help children pay attention to the way a word sounds.

Did you know? Listening carefully to words and the sounds in words is extremely useful.

Did you know? Tongue twisters help build reading confidence.

Now, try making up your own!


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