Create a Story Box

by wherelearnu

Creating stories puts your child’s imagination to work while also developing their logic and sequencing skills.

What you need:

  • A box, bowl, or basket
  • Various toys or household items that are child-safe.

How to play:

  1. Gather 5-6 items into the box
  2. Give your child time to create a story using all of the items in the box. For kids ages 5 and under, they can make up the story as they go. The only rule is they must use everything in the box as part of the story.
  3. For older kids, ask them to plan out their story ahead of time.
  4. This is a great activity for older and younger kids to collaborate on together. They can work together to create the story.

Tips for playing:

Include dolls or stuffed animals – the story needs characters!

Include items your kid already loves playing with plus items that are not usually in the toy box, like a band-aid, a spoon, or a scarf.

If you have time:

Take turns telling a story with the items in the box, Your child will love to see how you come up with a story and may copy some of the elements of your story.

Tell a story together. Get the whole family in on creating and acting out a play with these items.


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