Your MAIL ADVENTURE Printables: Letter Prompts

by wherelearnu

We’ve been practicing social distancing, and now, more than ever, we’ve been so grateful for how technology is helping us keep in touch with our friends and family. These letter prompts so you can provide another way to stay in touch!  Just print them on regular printer paper, cut to size, and get busy writing!

If you’re ready to have an exciting mail adventure at home, follow these steps:

  1. Download these letter prompts: Letter Prompt Pack 1 + Letter Prompt Pack 2
  2. Encourage your child to write some letters themselves. Or, if they’re a bit younger, let them dictate as you write. They can add to the letter with drawings and their names!
  3. Get creative! Some of the prompts are about what they learned at school or inviting a friend over for a play date. You can have fun by inviting their favorite toy for a play date or writing about what they learned in HOMER.
  4. Once you’ve written your letters, it time to deliver the mail! Click here to make a mail hat and click here to make a mail truck!

More FREE Printable Fun! Click here to make a Mail Hat


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