Sumville Studios: Rock n’ Roll with Math, Sight Words, & Puzzle Printables

by wherelearnu

These printables offer a fun, musical way to practice addition, sight words, and puzzles!

Set-Up Time: Under 5 min

Activity Time: 20-30 min 

Mess Level: None

What You’ll Need: 

This PrintableDownload
  • Crayons or colored pencils 
  • Counters (or use the bonus counters on page 3!)
  • Scissors 

Play Tips:

  • Super Word Stardom: Roll the dice, and say the word out loud each time you land. Bonus points: use it in a sentence!
  • Super Math Stardom: Roll the dice and move the number of spaces indicated. For next level learners, treat it like an addition problem! If you’re on space 5, and then roll a 2, what number does that equal? Shout it out– SEVEN! 
  • Play and learn more with your Sumville bandmates in the Learn & Grow app!  
    • Soak n’ Sort – Sight Words
    • Camp Kindness Memory: Numbers 
    • You can find them both in the Games section.

Skill Spotlight: addition, subtraction, spelling, sight words


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