Learn Math During Snacktime

by wherelearnu

Math + Snacks = Playful, Smart Family Time

Turn snacktime into learning time with this fun math game for kids.

At Homer, we’re big fans of making learning into a game. If you’ve got some Goldfish crackers in the pantry, get them out for a fun way to practice math word problems with your preschooler!

Start by giving your child a bowl with 10 Goldfish crackers in it. Have them carefully count them, lining them up in arow. Then make up a scenario like: 10 little fish swam all day in the deep, deep ocean, when suddenly a big hungry shark with a huge fin and razor sharp teeth swam up and ate 2 of them! Let your child play the shark and eat 2, and ask, “How many are there now?”

Then, give them 3 more crackers and say: 3 new fish friends joined them, so now how many are there? Or, a big fishing boat came along and 4 fish got caught in a net! The child eats 4, and you ask, “How many there are now?” Keep on adding or subtracting different amounts, and be creative with your own stories!

While its helpful to recognize the numbers 0-10 before Kindergarten, it is much more important for children to be able to think about addition and subtraction and the results. For some this is easier than others.

1) Use up to 25 Goldfish crackers depending on your child’s skill level.
2) Let your child make up the math questions and have you eat the goldfish. They love to be the teacher.
3) Add sounds effects!
4) Keep it fun, simple and short.

Thanks to preschool teacher Julie C. for these tips.


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