Children’s Book, You & Me in the Trees, Gets Young Readers Outside

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kids nature book you & me in the trees

Come along on an adventure in the meadows, mountains, and trees to witness the beauty of Mother Nature and why we must protect her!

You & Me in the Trees is a delightful storybook for the young and young at heart. Amoris Walker’s words, brought to life by Alyssa Gnos’ magnificent illustration, remind us to protect Mother Earth and all her magnificent creatures.

“Guaranteed to make your child’s imagination soar!” -Lynn Walker “Brammy”

In You & Me in the Trees, Amoris reveals her love for the great outdoors, splendidly weaving a story in honor of natural places—habitats that must be protected by us, the stewards of this magnificent place we call home. With Alyssa’s unique and charming illustrations, encouragement from friends and family, and a group of supportive Kickstarter backers, Amoris fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a published author with the book you are holding in your hands.

This beautifully illustrated book is guaranteed to make children’s imagination soar with visions of animals, plants, starry skies, and sunny days. A delightful storybook for the young, and the young at heart.

kids nature book you and me in the trees

The icing on the cake; A portion of the book’s proceeds will benefit the Hiari Project in Kenya and the Red Sweater Project in Tanzania.

Amoris hopes You & Me in the Trees inspires you to get outside and protect your own habitat. She also hopes it lulls your sweetie pie into a deep sleep, so you too can get some much-deserved rest.

You & Me in the Trees releases nationwide on March 3, 2022 and is available now for pre-order!

by Amoris Walker, Illustrated by Alyssa Gnos

Price: $17.95. Hardcover. 38 pages. Grade level 1 – 2. Publisher, Mascot Books.

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