Big League Sports Facts

by wherelearnu

Explore the world of the Olympics with fun facts to get kids curious about athletes with grit and determination.

Set Up Time: Under 5 min Activity Time: 10-15 min Mess Level: None

Explore these facts with your child with Sports Stories in the HOMER Learn & Grow App. For kids that are curious about specific games or athletes head to the library to learn even more!

Stories for 4+ 


  • Did you know that the Olympics began thousands of years ago in ancient Greece? 
  • Did you know that runners take turns carrying the Olympic torch from Greece to wherever the Olympics are held? It is a giant relay race! Head to Olympics in HOMER Learn & Grow to learn more.

Wilma Rudolph

Did you know that Wilma Rudolph, a super-fast runner, won three Olympic medals even though when she was a little girl she got an illness that made it hard for her to even walk! 

Did you know that because Wilma Rudolph was African American it was hard for her to get the medical help she needed. 

Did you know that Wilma Rudolph had 21 brothers and sisters? 

Head to Did You Know: Aquatic Mammals in HOMER Learn & Grow to learn more.


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