The Five-Minute Parenting Podcast to Shake Up Your Morning Routine

by wherelearnu

We’re kicking off the school year with some exciting news! We’ve partnered with That’s Total Mom Sense to create a weekly podcast segment, “At Home with HOMER,” featuring HOMER’s Co-Founder and President Stephanie Dua.

Meet HOMER’s Co-Founder and President,  Stephanie Dua 

Stephanie has changed the education landscape as an advocate, a thought leader, and an entrepreneur. She’s spent the past 20+ years advocating for high-quality learning, including as CEO of the NYC Department of Education Fund for Public Schools and as an advisor to leading global education foundations. As a mom of 3, she knows first-hand the joys and challenges that come with raising kids in an ever-changing world. She’s currently preparing to launch Growing Good, an online community for supportive and simple parenting solutions.

About That’s Total Mom Sense 

The brainchild of Kanika Chadda Gupta, That’s Total Mom Sense is a top-rated podcast that offers tangible takeaways on parenting, lifestyle, and wellness from industry experts. Kanika is a former CNN anchor and mom of three twins who interviews thought leaders, experts, and everyday parents, helping carve a deeper understanding of our kids and ourselves. 

Introducing At Home With HOMER

In short, five-minute segments, Stephanie provides easy-to-action tips and insight on teaching kids reading, math, critical thinking, and social-emotional skills, along with broader life lessons. She teams up with That’s Total Mom Sense host Kanika Chadda Gupta to cover various topics— from raising confident readers to helping children develop emotional intelligence. 

Our partnership with That’s Total Mom Sense is a very special one; it allows us to meet parents and caregivers where they are, whenever they need us, with support and guidance for the topics on their minds now. 

Want to Learn More? 

  • To hear from Stephanie (and the other incredible guests!), tune into That’s Total Mom Sense on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. 
  • For more tips from our Co-Founder and President, follow Stephanie Dua at @_growinggood_
  • For more “Mom Sense,” follow Kanika @KanikaChaddaGupta or visit her website at


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