Math Games While Setting the Table

by wherelearnu

While you’re busy getting dinner ready, call on your helpers to set the table.

What you need:

No extra supplies needed. Just what you would use to set the table.

How to play:

  • For ages 3 and 4, place all of the items you’ll want on the table together on the table or in one pile.
  • Ask your child to set the table as you give them prompts. Here are some ideas aimed at basic math and counting skills. Adapt the number to fit the number of people in your family (this family has 4 people sitting down to dinner):
  • Count and place ONE salt shaker in the center of the table (pepper, hot sauce).
  • Count out loud while you place FOUR plates around the table at each seat (repeat for forks or spoons or bowls).
  • Take a napkin and fold it THREE times (you may need to show them how to fold).
  • Count out loud and place the napkins at FOUR places next to the plates.
  • Once the pile is finished and the table is set, they’ve completed the game!


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