Junior Naturalist Week Two – Tree Observation Lesson Plan

by wherelearnu

The observation of trees creates a captivating introduction for budding botanists and arborists into the science of fungi, microorganisms, and giant trees, while providing a bold and exciting curriculum for outdoor STEM learning.

Each one of our Junior Naturalist lesson plans contains a full week’s worth of activities, centered around a specific, nature-based theme, encouraging children and their parents to bring education outside to manifest a deeper appreciation to mother nature.

Our Tree Observation lesson plan offers kids a week loaded with activities that promote movement and song, reading, and critical thinking. View the week-long Tree Observation lesson plan, field notes worksheet, and tree anatomy dissection worksheet below, or download it for free by clicking on the links below.

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2017 mother's day gift guide adventurer

2017 mother's day gift guide adventurer

Tree Observation Lesson Plan

  • Tree Observation 1-Week Lesson Plan
  • Tree Observation Field Notes Worksheet
  • Tree Anatomy Dissection Worksheet
  • 30 Tree Benefits Printable

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